The 4 Pillars


NZLED is our R&D division and means our products are:

  • American designed, engineered, and manufactured

  • Engineered for maximum life

And include:

  • Robust premium circuitry and drivers, sourced from established global suppliers

  • PowerPlus® Efficient Diode Technology

  • Industry-leading, non-prorated warranty

  • Intelligent control systems


Our comprehensive approach means you get a solution that fits your situation.  


  • Inventory existing lights

  • Evaluate facility conditions

  • Note problem areas


  • Understand your needs

  • Identify pain points

  • Get current energy usage


  • Improve lighting conditions

  • Mitigate energy waste

  • Absorb project cost into energy savings

  • Work towards your satisfaction


Our Z.E.R.O® Funding Program allows you to leverage the accounting advantages of an unencumbered lease to create additional capital for their business, while using the money saved by reduced utility costs to directly service payments-all without harming your liquidity and features: 

  • $1 buyout

  • Provided through NetZeroUSA Financial Division

  • Backed by global financial institutions

 We also identify:

  • Capital improvement write-offs

  •  Available energy rebates and incentives

The goal is to find a net-zero solution for you and make sure that your project is cash flow positive



Non-Prorated Warranty

  • The full value of the product is protected for the lifetime of the warranty.

  • We are the manufacturer and the warranty is backed by us.

Performance Guarantee

  • Our product will perform at or below the stated wattage.

  • The projected energy savings is validated by the product performance. 

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